Dalesman is the market leader in manufacturing seasonings, fine food ingredients, culinary and functional blends. With a reputation for creating gourmet and bespoke recipes, our success continues with award winning taste sensations experienced in many high quality sausage, burger and savoury bakery brands.

Dalesman recipes are developed to inspire taste, uniqueness and functionality within the food industry with 75% of our 7,000 plus formulations designed as bespoke customer blends.

With 10% of staff dedicated to innovation, technical and quality services it is quality, our people and innovation that continues to drive years of trusted service and excellence.

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Grill you take the Chilli Challenge?!

posted on May 29, 2018

DalesmanGroup: Special Offer: Our new way to order! DalesmanDirect is now live and available for use. Our first 100 orders will re… https://t.co/TeaEayabf9

DalesmanGroup: https://t.co/fqstbKKwd2

DalesmanGroup: @ScoCraftButcher That's a brilliant result @ScoCraftButcher Good luck everyone who entered! 👍

DalesmanGroup: Are we ready for a World Cup Winning Sausage then yet?! ⚽️ Come on England! ❤️

DalesmanGroup: So... WE DID IT!!! We're now officially Bradford's 🏆 Manufacturer of the Year 🏆 And... not only that, we scooped t… https://t.co/s9tU30JsZd